David’s BASE jumping career started in 1982 accomplishing BASE # 72 and is one of the pioneers of this sport. David has made over 500 BASE jumps and has jumped all over the world in many international events.

His most recent event was a jump into a Subterranean Cave Deep in the heart of china. He was invited by the Chinese Aero Federation along with 24 other intentional jumpers.

This group of jumpers performed a 3 hour show that was broadcast live to help promote tourism to Fengjie, China.

David is one of the few who can do this  highly technical sport while filming with a 35 mm movie camera helmet.

Film awards include the British Academy Award  (BAFTA) for his part in filming a Documentary jumping off of Angel Falls while filming the subject of the documentary. A short film he was director of photography on that was entered in the 2004 Banff Mountain film festival was selected as runner up for the Radical Reels category “Cinclus Vision”.

Feature Films include a segment in the  Robin Williams Movie  “From What Dreams May Come.” He made six jumps from Angel Falls filming Jake Lombard as Robin Williams stunt double.

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