Member of  S.A.G / A.F.T.R.A.

Feature Films

Ironman- Stunt Rigger

Bucket List- Aerial Cinematographer

Aeon Flux- Stunt Rigger, Paramount Pictures

Fly Boys- Stuntman, Aerial Cinematographer, Up In The Air Productions

Bruce Almighty- Aerial Stuntman, Shady Acres Entertainment/Universal Pictures

Out Cold- Aerial Stuntman (Skysurfing)

Space Cowboys- Aerial Stuntman, Warner Brothers

Gen-X Cops- Aerial Cinematographer, Action Asia Media

What Dreams May Come- Aerial Cinematographer, Productions Inc.

Zero Effect- Aerial Stunt Safety, Castle Rock Pictures

Paradox- Stunt Cinematographer, Max Films Canada

Air Force One- Aerial Stuntman

Firestorm- Aerial Stuntman, Tapestry Films

Feature Film Promotion

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer- Aerial Cinematographer


Honda UK 2008- Aerial Cinematographer

Nintendo Radical Media- Camera Assistant, Aerial Stunt Safety

Nuevina of Italy- Aerial Cinematographer

Pepsi One- Aerial Stuntman, Actor

Labatt’s Beer- Aerial Stuntman, Actor

Wrigley’s Gum- Arri IIC Technician/ Camera Rigger

Home Depot- Stunt Rigger

Benson & Hedges- Aerial Stuntman, Actor

Computer Learning Center- Aerial Cinematographer, Stunt Double, Actor

M&M’s- Aerial Cinematographer, GMS Productions

International Coffee’s- Stuntman (Skiing), POV Cinematographer Rhythm & Hues

Mead Backpacks- Aerial Cinematographer, Huge Productions

Pontiac- Aerial Stuntman, Actor, Windmill Production

Kodak- Aerial Cinematographer, Satchi & Satchi

Yamaha- Aerial Stuntman, Aerial Cinematographer, C&D Film Production

Cadillac- Aerial Stuntman, Actor, 1/33 Productions

Crystal Beer- Aerial Cinematographer, Stunt Ski Cinematographer, Filmo of Chile

Djarum Cigarettes- Aerial Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger, Stunt Rigger, Mad River Post Productions

City Commerce Bank- Aerial Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger

Entel of Argentina- Aerial Stuntman, Actor

Chevy Blazer 2003- Stuntman, Actor, MJZ Productions

Hersey Park- Cinematographer, NFL Films

Honda Acura 2001- Stuntman, Actor, Ambrose Carr Lincoln & Carrol Inc.


Planet Earth- Stuntman, Mountain Safety Rigger, BBC Productions

E.T. - Aerial Cinematographer, Stunt Rigger, Paradigm Shift Productions

The Man Who Fell to Earth- Aerial Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger, BBC Productions

24 Hours- Stunt Rigger, Twentieth Century Fox

Alias- Stunt Rigger, Walt Disney Productions

National Geographic “BASE Camp”- Aerial Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger

National Geographic “Out There”- Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger

NBC Olympics Opening Ceremony- Aerial Stuntman (Skiing)

Fox 11News- Aerial Cinematographer

National Geographic “Sky Shooter”- Aerial Cinematographer

Air America- Stunt Rigger, Franklin Waterman Productions

Pensacola- Stuntman, Stu Segall Productions

The Man Who Jumped Below the Earth- Aerial Cinematographer, Mountain Safety Rigger, BBC Productions

Alias 2004- Stuntman, Touchstone Pictures

24 Hours 2003- Stunt Rigger, Twentieth Century Fox

Spike Television World Stunt Awards Opening 2003- Aerial Stuntman

President Bush Birthday Skydive- Aerial Cinematographer

CBS “How’d They Do That?”- Aerial Cinematographer

Playboy Channel- Aerial Cinematographer

Behind the Scenes “Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts”- Aerial Cinematographer

The Extremists- Cinematographer  

Photo Credits

Cover Photos:

US News & World Report June 4 2001

The Commercial Image May 1997

Air Press Sept. 1999

Parachutist Aug. 1997

Parachutist Feb. 2008

Other Credits:

Outside Magazine Full Page May 2001, Two Page Aug. 2001


BAFTA- (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) Best Cinematographer, Factual, “The Man Who Fell to Earth”

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2004- Runner Up, Radical Reels, Cinclus Vision

Skydiving & BASE Jumping Experience

10300 Skydives, 28 Years Experience, 1st Skydive 1980

World Record 2006, 400 Way, Aerial Cinematographer, Udon, Thailand

World Record 1996, 300 Way, Aerial Cinematographer, Anapa, Russia

World Record 1989, 200 Way, Participant, Myrtle Beach, SC

World Record 1986, 100 Way, Participant, Muskogee, OK

US Paraski Champion 1989, US Nationals

US Paraski Team Member 1991-1993

Blade Running Champion 1996 International, Squaw Valley, USA

Blade Running Champion 1997 International, Squaw Valley, USA

Blade Running Team Champion 1998 International, Big Mountain, MT

Blade Running Team Event 1999, 3rd Place, Big Mountain, MT

1st Place Tracking Contest 1996, Lodi, CA

500 BASE Jumps, BASE #72, Night BASE #22, 1st BASE Jump 1982

2nd Place Accuracy Contest 1996, Bridge Day BASE Jumping Championships

Other Sports

Expert Rock Climber- 30 Years Experience, Numerous First Ascents

Expert Motorcycle Road Racer- 20 Years Experience

Expert Skier/Snowboarder- 35 Years Experience, Racing & Extreme Skiing

PADI Certified SCUBA Diver 

Ratings & Licenses

USPA (United States Parachute Association) Member, 28 Years

USPA Expert D License #8351

USPA Pro Rated Skydiver

USPA Tandem Instructor Rated Skydiver

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Senior Parachute Rigger

FAA Certified Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic

FAA Certified Turbo Jet Flight Engineer, 3200 Hours

PADI Certified SCUBA Diver

David “Clem” Major

Phone  805-489-8652  805-452-9364  882 Mentone Ave  

Height: 6‘0,  Weight 175  Grover Beach, CA. 93433

            Cinematographer        Stunt Rigger        Stuntman        Actor