David “Clem” Major

David lives and works in California.

David’s life experiences include: 21 years in the Air Force flying as a flight engineer on a Lockheed C-141 and a aircraft crew chief.  

Born and raised in New Jersey David grew up learning to love all aspects of nature and the sport of skiing. He Started Racing at a young age growing his passion for high speed sports.

David moved to California in 1977 with the Air Force. Started Skydiving in 1980 which led him to a host of amazing life experiences to include filming the President of The United States, Bush SR. making his 2nd skydive.

World travel regularly takes David throughout the world to many exotic locations through Flying, filming, and jumping.

“I have a great appreciation for the blessed life I live.  I look forward to helping you achieve your teams vision no matter what the project.”



Member of  S.A.G / A.F.T.R.A.


Stunt man – Stunt Rigger - Mountain Safety Rigger

Over 20 Years of Bringing Visions to the screen

35mm and Super 35mm,

To include Anamorphic Lens

16mm and Super 16mm,

Hi Definition Video


Who is David Major