Free Fall Cinematography


Davids first jump with movie cameras happened in the late 1980’s while competing in the Para Ski National Championships.

A long time friend, Tom Sanders, asked David if he would shoot some film cameras to get POV shots of the competitors for his film. This opened the door to his filming career.

During the next 7 years Dave helped Tom by shooting POV cameras in different skydiving events including a BASE jump from Angel Falls. This is where Tom was able to see David’s  true talent as a free fall cinematographer.

In 1995 David was hired as a full time employee by Tom Sanders of Aerial Focus. This is were his cinematography career was launched. Working with Tom in many different capacities to include Free Fall cinematographer, stunt/parachute/mountain safety rigger and camera technician. You can refer to David’s resume to view the many projects he has been involved with. 

Aerial Cinematography