1.    Proven Experience in 16mm & 35mm & HD film and video operator and technician

  1.   Award Winning

  1.   28 Years in the Sport of Parachuting

  1.   20 Years in Aerial Cinematography

  1.   14 Years in the Film Industry

  1.   10,300 + Logged Skydives

  1.   500 + BASE Jumps


Aerial Ace Cinematography is David “Clem” Major.  Aerial feature film experience since 1995 with over 10 years of working directly under award winning cinematographer Tom Sanders, of Aerial Focus, as an aerial cinematographer, rigger, camera tech and mountain safety specialist.

Aerial Ace Cinematography provides the highly specialized talent needed to get the most difficult shots.  Consistently working with todays top film makers and production companies, Aerial Ace Productions takes care of all aspects of capturing your vision.

Over 28 years in the extreme sports of Skydiving, Climbing, BASE Jumping and Scuba Diving gives Aerial Ace Cinematography the edge in ability, skills and networks necessary in todays competitive market.

Our network gives us the ability to help casting companies and directors find qualified and professional crew, exactly who and what your vision requires.  Our flight line includes jump aircraft and camera ships. 

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